Monday, February 29

It's all about me [Q&A] Vol. 2

I got a lot of emails, tweets and interest in making my weekly Q&A a link-up. So if you'd like to participate, answer the questions, snag the badge and link up below (every Monday at 9 PM PST.)
Tiny Forest
This week's questions are all about my favorite things... my phone and being social! 

1. What is your favorite social media platform?
Last summer, I deactivated my Facebook and became hooked on Instagram. I like the simplicity of just browsing through photos. There aren't links I have to click and I don't have to read if I don't want to. Its the perfect social media platform for me.

If you aren't already following me, you can do so by clicking here! I post a lot of pictures of our dog, Buddy, throwbacks and tributes to my husband. 

2. What is your cell phone wall paper?
When I upgraded my iPhone from a 5s to the 6s Plus I liked the simple stock background so I left it. Plus it is one of the live pictures so the fish swims when you press it! I do miss seeing my husbands handsome face tho, so it will be changing soon.

3. What are 3 mobile apps you can't live without?
I love the Blogger app, it makes it easy to post while on the go. Pages for iPhone, which is like a mini version of Microsoft word. And Weather Underground which is the most accurate weather reporting app.

4. What website do you visit daily?
Buzzfeed. I can waste hours scrolling through all their hilarious quizzes.

5. Favorite place to get the news?
I usually watch CNN in the morning and then I check in on Buzzfeed for interesting twists on the days top stories.

Next weeks questions:
1. What is your favorite board game?
2. Do you play any games on your phone? If so what do you play?
3. What is your favorite card game?
4. What was your favorite thing to play as a kid?
5. If you have children what is your favorite thing to play with them?
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