Sunday, February 21


In order to have a blog that anyone would want to read, you have to actually post something. But what to say? How are we going to start off this relationship? Ugh the pressure.

Whenever I try to start anything new, I always do the same thing... I over think. I tend to get hung up on the details. Lucky, this time around I am a bit more prepared. I wanted to start with something simple. The driving force behind why all of us in the blogosphere do what we do. 

I decided that I would start with something basic, why did I want to blog?

I've had several blogs over the years, and... I love blogging. It's a great way for me to be creative and to let out all those weird thoughts floating around in my head. And the one thing that I always loved about the blogging communiverse is the support, love and inspiration that I felt from other women. Other wives. Other (dog) moms. 

Earlier this year I began a battle to reclaim my mental health. Through that journey I realized that I wanted to have a place to connect, inspire and to be inspired by other women, wives, and moms. And with that I decided to reignite my love for blogging. I want every person that visits here to close their computer feeling better about themselves, humanity and sisterhood.
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