Tuesday, April 5

It's All About Me [Q&A Link Up Party]

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another installment of It's All About Me! I am so happy you stopped by to join The Petite Mrs and I. This week are answering questions about motivation and mental health. 

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1. How do you stay motivated? 
I am a list maker. I make lists for everything, even mundane things that seem pointless to be on a list. The act of prioritizing tasks and crossing them off when there are completed helps me stay motivated. 

2. What's your favorite "cheat day" food? 
Well I have never dieted, ever in my life, and even though I am skinny I do love food. Some of my favorites to binge on are pizza, burritos and tacos. I also have a slight addiction to cereal! 

3. What's one thing you do for your mental health? 
Take my meds? Unfortunately for me taking my medication daily is one thing that I do every day for my mental health. I also like to meditate in the morning when I first wake. While I am still in bed, I will take a moment to visualize my day and how I am going to solve any road blocks. I also like to focus on positive things, you can read about how, here

4. How do you relax? 
I like to relax by taking a really hot shower or by just straight chillin' on the couch watching a movie. 

5. How do you spend your ideal lazy Sunday? 
Sleeping in and champagne brunch with my husband. :)

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Join me tomorrow for an interview with painter Jessyca Myers as she talks all things art and motherhood. 

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