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Art By Jessyca Myers: An Interview

One of the best things about being an artist is being inspired by other artists. Today, I am bringing you a very special interview with my long time bestie Jessyca in honor of the launch of her brand new online gallery, Art by Jessyca Myers

Her brand new webstore is simply adorable and you can order anything from commissioned pieces to greeting cards. She has a very unique style of art and is exceptionally talented, self taught and as a full time working mother and wife and part time artist, she is truly conquering it all. She is making quite a name for herself in Nashville, TN where this California girl currently resides with her husband and toddler daughter. She has been debuting all over town at various Art Shows and has been received incredibly well by the local press. 

Jessyca is going places so sit back, and get a behind the scenes look at her world of art and may it inspire you to conquer your dreams, too. 
Tiny Forest Blog: Summarize your style as an artist?
Jessyca Myers: I am attracted to many different styles of art however I unfortunately have a very short attention span so I tend to paint in a more "pop art" style.  I love bold outlines, bright colors and unexpected backgrounds.

TFB: What is your creative process?
JM: I don't really have any rhyme or reason to what my next painting will be.  Once an idea forms in my head, I get what I call a rush of inspiration where it is all I can think about until I execute it.  I have been known to get excited about an idea, rush to the art store and then start working on it all within a few hours.

TFB: What is your favorite medium to use? 
JM: I always use acrylic paints.  

TFB: What is it you love about acrylics?
JM: I love the look of oil paints but again, my impatience gets the better of me and I can't stand the drying process.  Acrylics are a lot more forgiving because you can make multiple changes as you go and believe me, it's MULTIPLE changes.

TFB: What is one thing you'd like to paint/create?
JM: I am always drawn to the human faces.  Eyes, lips and hair to be exact.  I would love to some day paint one that I am satisfied with.

TFB: As a busy working mom how to you balance life, motherhood and art?
JM: Being is mom is always number one so my painting time is during my daughter's bedtime and my bedtime (which is often later than it should be.) Nap time on the weekends is also a good time slot to get some painting done.  I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to join in on the painting!

TFB: How will you know you've made it as an artist?
JM: Well one of my life goals is to own my own business so when I can successful thrive and provide for my family with my business, that's when I will feel successful.  I would ideally like to have a little business that I can pass on to my daughter once I'm too old and cranky to deal with it anymore.

TFB: What are a few things you'd like my readers to know about you?
JM: I have painted for as long as I can remember.  My dream job was to be an animators for Disney back when everything was done by hand and not computer.  The first canvas painting I did was of Mufasa from Lion King, it is still framed in my grandmas house.  Another fun fact, I was given my Great Grandma GG's art supplies when she passed away and I use her paint brushes on every painting. 

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Make sure you visit by her brand new store and pick up and fun print or card, use promo code FREE01 to get free shipping on your first order.  You can keep in touch with her using the links above, make sure you let her know that you are stopping by from Tiny Forest! 

What is your favorite painting in her shop? I just simply adore the hippo, if anyone wants to send me a card! :)

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